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Senior managers, entrepreneur-owners, and leaders trying to improve their performance or  jump-start growth can find that being in a peer group makes all the difference.

Landscape company executives from non-competing markets who share similar business models come together share best practices and be held accountable to performance improvements.


Bruce Wilson & Company is the official peer group facilitor-partner of the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP).

Meetings are self-governed, convene two to three times a year, have regularly scheduled calls and often participate in special training events, universities and workshop opportunities where continuous learning is key.

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Bruce Wilson & Company, formerly Wilson-Oyler Group, has been facilitating and leading green industry peer groups since 2001.

  • Are you looking to be less isolated at the top?
  • An owner or CEO of a small-to-medium size landscape company in the range of $1 to 20 million?
  • Willing to commit to performance improvements and discuss issues in confidentiality, transparency and trust?
  • Interested in the process, format and expectations?
  • Willing to share your financials, business model and best practices?
  • Interested in participating in a learning community of like-minded colleagues?



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